by Jennifer Rotondo and Mike Rotondo Jr.

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Table of Contents

Preface (download frontmatter as a pdf file)

Chapter 1. What Makes a Great Presentation?
Content, Design, and Delivery
The Process
The Situation
Presentation Checklists
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 1
Download a pdf version of Chapter 1

Chapter 2. Preparing Your Content
Before You Start Your Research
Starting Your Research
Managing Your Information
Converting Your Research into an Outline
Writing Your Script
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 2

Chapter 3. Converting the Content into a Slide Presentation
From Outline to Bullets
Enhancing Your Bullets
Getting Rid of Bullets
How to Handle Quotes
Adding Questions to Your Presentation
Using Graphics
Presentation Handouts Guidelines
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 3

Chapter 4. The Three Keys to Setting up a Great Slide Presentation
Key 1óLayout
Key 2óConsistency
Key 3óColor
Get a Little Help
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 4

Chapter 5. The Basics of Designing High-Impact Slide Presentations
Design for Your Audience, Your Image, and Your Objective
Designing for Your Audience
Designing for Your Image
Designing for Your Objective
Using Your Corporate Identity Guidelines
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 5

Chapter 6. Adding Pizzazz to Your Slide Presentation
Clip Art
Ready, Set, No ...
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 6

Chapter 7. The Presentation Environment and Logistics
Date and Time
Room Environment
Questions for Presenters
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 7

Chapter 8. Presenterís Guide to Facilitation
Start Right
Keep Participants Engaged in Your Presentation
Ways to Deal with Difficulties
Changing the Direction of the Presentation
Different Strokes for Different Folks
How to Handle Tough Situations
Going Beyond Your Presentation
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 8

Chapter 9. Getting Ready and Delivering Your Presentation
Before You Begin
Setting Up
First Impressions
Presentation Technicalities
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 9

Chapter 10. Handling Questions and Other Delivery Issues
Question Time
Planning for the Questions
Dealing with Disasters
Timing Is Everything
Close ... and Open ... and Close
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 10

Chapter 11. Evaluate, Learn, and Improve
Did You Meet All of the Meeting Objectives?
Feedback Is the Breakfast of Champions
Working with a Survey
Now What?
Managerís Checklist for Chapter 11

Appendix. PowerPoint Quick Reference

ISBN for this title: 0-07-137930-4

About the Authors

Jennifer Rotondo is a Microsoft certified "PowerPoint Expert." She utilizes her abundance of knowledge in her Advanced PowerPoint Seminar and in several publications including:
ē PowerPoint 2000: Getting Professional Results, a Microsoft publication detailing its new features
ē Point, Click and Wow!, A Guide to Brilliant Laptop Presentations
ē Understanding Computers, a textbook for lower-division college students
She contributes a monthly column to Presentations magazine in which she critiques subscribersí presentations.
She also designs high-tech presentation tools for businesses. She takes projects from start to finish, providing smart design and logical layout, helping businesses inform, persuade and educate their audiences through presentation design. Visit her Web site at

Mike Rotondo has over 23 years of management experience in the restaurant and retail environment. He has 13+ years in multi-unit management. He is currently a regional manager with the HoneyBaked Ham Company of Georgia. Before HoneyBaked, Mike worked with Wendy's International for 8 years, where he received his certification as a trainer and meeting facilitator. Mike's specialty is in creating sales initiatives and motivation speeches.

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